Species Cultivation


Growing medium for specific Species


Angustipetalum     Standard mixture as above.

Albidum                    Mixture as above with some limestone chippings.. Does not like direct sunlight in May

Camschatcense        Above mixture well drained but always moist when growing and in flower. Dislikes any lime

Catesbaei                 Requires well drained leaf mould and pine needles with plenty of river sand ,neutral to acid and do not allow to dry out in the spring but can tolerate dry in late summer. Dappled sun only

Cernuum                    Highly organic and wetter habitat. Prefers acid soil in semi shade cool and damp.

Chloropetalum             Standard mixture. Requires moister situation and planting 6 inches deep. Will grow in sunlight in Edinburgh but needs dappled shade in Yorkshire.

Cuneatum                   A clayey loam round Atlanta, Georgia. Always in woodland with a mulch of dry leaves.

Decipiens                  Humusy light soil over limestone, woodland. In the wild I have found it growing in a silver sand/clayey mixture

Decumbens                 Have only found it growing in rocky scree in woodland

Discolor                       Sedimentary soils Ca rich (Marble), semi shade.

Erectum                        Neutral to acid soil likes rocky or gravelly sites, lightly shaded.

Flexipes                         Will take full sunlight as long as roots moist. Prefers limestone country and rich soil

Foetidissimum             Growing in a clay mixture

Govanianum                 Pine needle mould 3 pts to washed river sand 1 pts. Since writing the latter mine has been growing happily in ordinary Humusy soil.

Gracile                         Grows in sandy loam in woodland in Texas

Grandiflorum             Easiest species to grow, likes neutral soil with humus and some limestone chippings. Can take considerable sunlight in Edinburgh.

Hibbersoni                 Grow it in alpine house in an open gritty  mixture and never fertilize.

Lancifolium                 Habitat is rocky wooded slopes, in neutral soils over limestone, also in heavy clay soils in flood plain areas.

Ludovicianum             Found it growing in sandy clay mix with mulch of leaves.

Luteum                       Likes rich deep soil with a clay base.  Prefers some limestone chippings in the my compost.

Maculatum                 Humus over limestone light shade. I have also seen it growing in a clayey loam

Nivale                         Small so grow in pots. Prefers alkaline soil so mulch with limestone chippings and never let the pot dry out during the growing season or else it will immediately become dormant.

Ovatum                     Likes leafmould mix above clay as long as acid. Will tolerate drier situation. This grows well for me in large pots but plant it in my garden and it slowly declines over 3 years. Perhaps I am too wet here.   I have since found that dolomitic limestone helps growth.

Petiolatum                 Needs extra water with sandy loam but not waterlogging

Pusillum                     A plant of primarily a wet habitats. Neutral to slightly acid heavy clay soil not too fertile.

Recurvatum                Standard mix slightly alkaline and will stand direct sunlight

Reliquum                     Sandy Humusy soil over limestone semi-shade but again can be found in sandy clay mixture

Rivale                         Equal parts loam, grit and pine/leafmould. Prefers to be alkaline to neutral. Will grow in full sun but needs flooding with water daily in the spring but can withstand some drought when dormant.

Rugelii                         Relatively easy to grow, likes slightly acid to neutral soil, moist, semi-shaded situation.

Sessile                        Likes more water in neutral clayey soil, in semi-shade

Simile                        Can stand dense shade. Deep dark soil with plenty of humous, slightly acid.

Stamineum                Found on slightly sloping heavy clay soils on the alkaline side

Tschonoski                Damp sandy leafmouldy compost

Underwoodii             Sandy humusy soil over limestone in light woodland. In another woodland it was growing in a silver sand/clayey mixture

Undulatum                 Granitic gravel or  silicone sand (sandblasters sand) below rhizome with 6" leaf mould/pine needles above. Strongly acid moist soil with good drainage. Requires more shade and cool root run. The most difficult to grow. I have not succeeded yet.  Slugs like it above all.

Vaseyi                         Likes rocky or gravelly soils, humus rich, damp, neutral to acid, lightly shaded and provide wind protection as it is a large plant.

Viride                         Standard mixture.